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17U for 2021 !!!

We are looking for 5 more athletes to join the JVVC 17U team for the 2021 season.

All eligible athletes will be considered .  This includes Grade 10 athletes, Grade 11 athletes and Grade 12 athletes who fall in the 18 month birthday eligibility. 

Please email info@juniorvarsity.ca if you are interested in more information. 

about us.

Junior Varsity Volleyball Club is a youth program aimed at developing junior high and high school aged volleyball athletes in the City of Calgary.


JVVC teams compete in Alberta Volleyball Association (AVA) Premier and Provincial tournaments, as well as Volleyball Canada (VC) Nationals.

JVVC coaches have experience playing volleyball and wish to pay forward their passion for the game to the next generation of players.



For the 2020-2021 club volleyball season there will be one 17U women's team.


Athletes selected for the JVVC Program can expect to practice three times per week in addition to two strength training sessions per week. The following are the practice times for the 2020-2021 season: - Mondays: 6:15pm-7:45pm - Tuesdays: 6:30pm-8:00pm - Sundays: 1:00pm-3:00pm & Strength 3:00-4:00pm


The JVVC teams practice out of the Junior Varsity Volleyball Training Centre The JuniorVarsity Training Centre (JV Centre) 130, 10 Smed Lane S.E., Calgary, AB, T2C 4T5


The JVVC teams compete in all Volleyball Alberta competitions, as well as the Volleyball Canada National Championship (2021 tournaments are still TBD due to covid-19)


COVID-19 Dinos Club Protocols & Policies ​​ -All teams are required to wait outside for their coach to arrive. -Coaches will ensure all athletes check-in and pass the daily wellness check (questionnaire and temperature). Participants are not permitted to take their own temperature, this must be completed by their head coach or a JVC staff member. Participants, coaches and spectators will NOT be permitted to enter JVC if they have a fever or if they do not pass the wellness check. -If you have ANY symptoms of Covid-19 (eg. runny nose, sore throat, cough, rash, loss of smell/taste) or are not feeling well. DO NOT COME TO TRAINING. -Teams may only enter 5 minutes before their booking and only if a JVC staff member informs them their court is ready. If the court is still occupied, teams must wait until the prior group has left and the court has been fully sanitized. -Teams must enter together with their coach. -Coaches and athletes are required to immediately make their way to their assigned court where they can drop their bags and get ready. Getting ready in the foyer, washrooms, on spectator chairs or other on courts is not permitted. -Athletes/Coaches who are late to their session must contact their coach to let them know when they arrive. Their coach will meet them outside so that they can be screened prior to entry. Athletes cannot enter JVC without being screened. -After training sessions, teams/groups are required to sanitize and wipe down their balls, ball cart, benches, postpads, antenna and any other training tools used with surface disinfectant. Surface disinfectant is provided on each court in a large clearly labelled spray bottle. This will require groups to take 5 minutes at the end of their booking time to complete the sanitization. -Coaches and athletes must then leave JVC promptly. -Upon exit we ask all athletes/coaches to wash their hands and arms (up to their elbows) with soap and water in the washrooms. -During water breaks, all athletes/coaches are required to spray their hands and arms with hand sanitizer before they open their water bottles. Sanitizer is located at every bench in the smaller spray bottles. -Masks are required in JVC. Athletes and coaches may remove their masks once they arrive at their assigned court. Masks are required while walking to and from your court, filling up water bottles and using the washrooms. -Everyone who enters JVC will be required to sign the daily log book with their name and contact information as a part of the JVC Emergency Action Plan.


The JVVC fees cover the costs of player and coach registration, tournament fees, uniforms, practice facility rental, strength training sessions, coach honorariums, equipment and travel expenses (hotels and transportation). The only costs not included are travel to Nationals and any extra tournaments outside of VA & VC. The fees are dependent on the number of players on each team, since many of the costs are fixed, and are therefore spread across the number of players on a team. Based on these team sizes, the fees for the 2019 club season are projected to be as follows: 16U: $3,000 / player The 2020-2021 club fees are still being determined. 17U: TBD


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Junior Varsity Volleyball Club

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